What Is A Good Aftermarket Backup Camera?

While many of us like to believe that we have eyes in the back of our heads, none of us have eyes in the back of our vehicles , making us prone to dangerous accidents while our vehicles are in reverse. A backup camera can see where the eyes and the rearview mirrors are unable to see and offers a reliable solution to this everyday driving danger.

Don’t worry, if your car hasn’t already mounted a backup camera, the aftermarket backup cameras today are inexpensive and easy to set up. You’ll need to weigh the size of your car, the way you’ll use your camera, and the kind of installation you’re willing to do when it comes to choosing one. To help you stay safe and alert, these are some of the best backup cameras available in the market.

Swift Hitch SH04 Backup Camera

You can power Swift Hitch with a wire or use rechargeable batteries for wireless service. Its 100 percent wireless feature ensures you can truly mount it anywhere, making it perfect for trailer hauling, and you’ll get a low battery warning when it’s time to recharge. No monitor is included, but a Wi-Fi hotspot is created by the camera, so you can use your phone or tablet as a monitor without connecting to the internet or using data. The camera app is designed so that, when watching camera video, you can still receive calls and texts. In order to assist with parking, the built-in camera microphone helps you to speak to someone outside the car and the package comes with a mount for your phone to ensure a hands-free experience. Its small sixty-degree field of vision and its less-than-stellar image resolution are the only downsides to this camera.

Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera

There’s no display on the Garmin BC 30 camera, so you’ll have to pair it with a Garmin GPS navigator to see the camera feed on the phone. But since the GPS is “recognized” by the camera, there is no syncing required, which is good. You can get two useful gadgets that operate together on a single screen if you have an older vehicle without a GPS or a back-up camera. You’ll see the photos from the backup camera when you put the car in reverse, and you’ll be able to see your navigation system again once you put it back on the drive. Garmin suggests that you get the BC 30 mounted professionally, because to get the power wire connected to the reverse lights, it can entail drilling a hole. The image quality of the camera is not great, but the camera itself is rugged and reliable, and we like that you can use the touch screen on your GPS to change the parking assist feature.

X1PRO Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

There is a wide 9.88-inch monitor and rear view mirror screen on the X1PRO Rear View Mirror Dash Cam that displays the picture of the rear view camera in full-screen HD. To handle both the rearview camera and the forward facing dash cam, the screen also features touch control. It features a front camera of 296P and a backup camera of 720P and shows sharp front and rear facing images. The mirror unit also features motion sensors, allowing it, along with an anti-vibration bracket, to automatically shut on and off depending on whether or not the vehicle is parked. It also takes SD cards, enabling you to save and store footage of your dash cam. This camera also provides a lane departure warning, a feature activated by its rear camera with a 140-degree wide view that helps to remove blind spots. Like other cameras on this list, you may want to get a professional ‘s support to mount them properly.

Esky Rear View License Plate Camera

This Esky rear-view camera is inexpensive and, for its low price, produces a high-quality picture. With two sets of LED lights helping to brighten the way, this little camera even works at night. However, most users record much stronger daytime performance than nighttime, and claim that something is left to be desired by the nighttime performance. It connects securely to the bolts on the frame of your license plate and comes with AV and power cables 19 feet long so that you can plug it into the back of the factory or aftermarket display or touch screen of your car. The camera is waterproof, although some users report condensation entering car washes or heavy rain. It has a wide viewing angle of 135 degrees, so you can see not only directly behind you, but also what comes from your peripherals.

Yada Wireless Backup Camera

Overall choice is the Yada Wireless Backup Camera because it’s reliable, inexpensive, and simple to mount. It has a shorter wireless range than other cameras on our list (so for long trailers or campers, it might not be the best choice), but it has a great viewing angle, a bright picture, and parking assistance. The camera is covered from dust and moisture by a water-resistant shell, and the camera is easily placed on your license plate. As well as two separate mounting options for the display, it comes with zip ties to protect the power cable. As soon as you place your car in reverse, the Yada is programmed to automatically turn on and send a live feed to the camera, but there is a small lag time of a few seconds before the picture appears.

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