Is Modifying A Car Worth It? 

No wonder the Quick and Furious flick lovers, and the Need for Speed fans, love car mods. These people not only have an admiration for car modifications seen on the big screen, they also enjoy them in person. Some might actually even have a few updates to their own vehicles. But that gives way to a question: “Are car mods worth it, really?” “While either their merit or vanity can be disputed by everyone, it is worth taking an analytical look at what these mods are capable of. You’ll find, like all things auto-related, that it’s not easy to put all the car modifications in a box.

It’s fair to say that some car modifications are worth it, to put things clearly, while others give little if any value to car results. Several add-ons are simply for style. There are people who love the idea of street racing, and there are those who only want an imposing looking car. The definition of what’s worth it and what’s not would be different for these people from those who genuinely want to boost the efficiency of their car. You’re probably somewhere in the middle, if you’re reading this post. You may want to offer a little boost to your car (pun unintended), but you might not want to turn your car into a cop magnet at the same time.

Let ‘s say you want the performance, handling or protection of your engine to be improved. You may think that you’re just going to have to buy a better car that’s renowned for its characteristics. There are mods out there, however, which actually function to enhance these characteristics. And to find them, you don’t have to venture into a secret shop in the back alleys of a poor neighborhood.

Car Modification is worth your every penny:

Performance Seats – The sway bar (anti-roll bar) of your vehicle is designed to keep your car level when turning, to prevent it from tilting. “It is normal, however, to find cars that are very” lax “with preset sway bars. Investing in a sway bar upgrade is correct for you if you want to ensure that your vehicle stays level at all times when turning.

High performance shocks – It takes a toll on your car to drive in a city riddled with bumpy roads and potholes (ie, Toronto). Luckily, by means of high performance shocks, you can reduce a lot of the bumps. If you inadvertently hit a bump or pothole, installing them doesn’t give you the license to drive wild, but they do come in handy.

Cold Air Intake Kit – More than deciding how cold or hot your seats would feel, the temperature in your car does. It can also boost or decrease the effectiveness of your engine. Thankfully, by means of a cold air intake device, you can make the temperature achieve the former. Cold air, meaning it contains more oxygen, is denser than warm air. More oxygen means greater engine combustion and, therefore, more fuel. By pulling cold air into your engine, a cold air intake kit works, because it gets more of the oxygen it needs to generate the power you want.

Sway Bars Upgrade – Have you ever seen a race car driver’s seat? Well, you should put one of these seats in your car if you want to feel like a professional race car driver. The beauty is that it does far more than look nice. In reality, these seats boost your performance as a driver because their body support enables better steering and pedal handling. The fact that it focuses on you, rather than the car itself, is a great mod.

Some Car Modifications That Are Actually Worth Your Money

Tires – Don’t make your tires cheap. Every single aspect of the performance of your vehicle, from acceleration to braking to cornering, will be improved by a good set of high-performance tires. It is entirely rational to have two sets of tires and wheels if you live in an environment where you have a prolonged winter: one for the summer and one for the winter, both with rubber compounds tailored for their respective temperature ranges. Tires, seriously, are that necessary.

Quality race seats and harnesses – You’ve probably never noticed how much effort every time you turn or touch the brakes you put into holding your body in place. But you would be surprised by how much more precisely and easily you can make changes to the steering, brake, and accelerator pedal when you’re comfortably held in a supremely supportive seat.

LSD – If your car didn’t come with a limited slip differential from the factory (and very few cars do today), then it’s likely to be powered by only one wheel — and whatever has the least amount of traction at that. Many individuals would spend double, triple or quadruple the price of one good LSD on engine modifications that yield ever-decreasing gains in horsepower. Instead, being able to use the resources you already have efficiently will produce even higher performance.

Brake pads and stainless steel brake lines – However, having a set of brake pads made for the kind of driving you do would have a considerable effect on the feel of your brakes. Adjust your car’s rubber brake lines when you’re there, which can flex and make the pedal look numb under hard braking. The rigidity of the walls means you’ll see a marked difference in the way your brakes interact with your foot by using a stainless steel package.

Quick-ratio steering rack – This won’t work on every vehicle, but it’s worth doing your homework to see if there’s a quick-ratio steering rack for another version of your vehicle (i.e. a Mustang Cobra if you have a Mustang GT), aka, one that turns your wheels faster as you rotate the steering wheel. Or occasionally, there’s an agency that makes one for your particular vehicle. This will positively alter the way you drive if you can do it, and really make your car feel much more sporty.

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