How Can I Improve My Golf Cart?

Moving in a golf cart from one location to the next can be a long , slow journey. Fortunately, there are things you can do to speed it up a little in your golf cart. Golf cart retailers sell different items you can use to improve the speed of your gold cart to your advantage. Like getting rid of any extra weight on the cart, you can also do something as easy. It’s not going to drive like a Ferrari, but it’s certainly going to be quicker than the neighborhood’s other golf carts.

There are many ways to speed up your golf cart and improve your torque and total power. First and foremost, let ‘s take a few steps back and look at describing some of the basic principles and terms of electricity that are really important to understand and understand adequately regarding the power of your electric golf carts. When we use the word “strength,” which is synonymous with speed and torque, for the purpose of basic comprehension. Note: In order to discuss the top end flat ground speed, the terms “power” and “torque” should not be used.

Extra Torque Means More Speed

The pulling power of the motor is torque and is a function of the current. So, ultimately, the higher the current, the greater the torque. So, let’s get into the meat of it: How can you get more power out of your electric golf cart? The first thing to understand when talking about DC Golfcart engines is that:

  • Voltage = Speed
  • Torque = Amperage

You will need to raise the engine RPM if you want to be reminiscent of Speedy Gonzalez and get more power from your club car, EZGO or Yamaha golf cart. ‘How am I doing that? ‘This is actually what you are asking yourself. Ok, in order to do so, there are two ways:

  • Using a motor with an RPM rated higher. This helps your voltage to be left alone.
  • Provide more voltage for your current engine. This choice helps you to retain your current motor and simply provide it with more voltage, resulting in higher top end velocity in turn.

Now, something to remember, is that the laws of electricity says amperage and voltage are inversely proportional. As one goes up, the other goes down and vice versa. For this definition, a super simple image is simply to think of a seesaw, much like the one you played on as a kid. When you start going up, your friend will start going down, and so on, and so on and so on.

You may now lose some performance elsewhere (not always, but in some situations, depending on what it is) with several changes and enhancements you make to benefit one or the other. When shopping around and updating components to your electric power system for golf carts, this is something you would want to keep in mind. Just like the seesaw: It can cost you performance / power elsewhere when you upgrade power in one place.

Upgrade Your Golf Cart Motor

Series Wound DC Torque Motors are built inside with a larger field coil. Inside the turbine, a larger field coil allows a larger generation of magnetic fields and keeps the armature much more tightly, generating greater torque. If you are looking for more torque in your club car, EZGO or Yamaha golf cart, this is an excellent choice, but you are not so worried about the speed.

There is a much smaller field coil for Series Wound DC Speed Motors than that of the Series Wound DC Torque Motor. This induces a weaker magnetic field, of course, which allows the armature to spin at a much greater RMP. This results in the top end speed being higher. This is the choice for you if you are looking to be part of the “Fast Golf Carts” club.

Generally, installing a torque motor will give you a lot more control, but you’re going to lose some speed. Conversely, the Speed Motor will result in a higher top-end speed in your golf cart, just as the name implies, but you will lose a bit of torque.

 Improve Golf Cart’s High-Speed Controller / Solenoid Contactor Relay

There are also many parts, apart from the engine, that you must remember while upgrading. Essentially, the final option might not be to mount a torque motor or velocity motor. With that said, when you update, you may want to bear in mind that the two main / major electrical components inside your electric golf cart play an enormous role in your golf cart system: the Golf Cart Solenoid Contactor Relay and the Electronic Speed Controller Golf Cart.

These components (the Solenoid Contactor Relay and the Electronic Speed Controller) are located between the motor and the battery bank and are part of the “All or Nothing” as we suggested earlier. You run the risk of having a “bottleneck” situation if these components are not updated together with the speed motor or torque motor.

Use a Higher Powered Golf Cart Battery

Increasing the voltage of your golf cart batteries is a surefire way of increasing the speed and total strength of your golf carts. This is a super carefree update, too, which takes almost no time. Second, what you would need to do is find out what the battery voltage of your new golf cart is.

Add Better Golf Cart Tires

By far, one of the most inexpensive and simplest ways to get more speed out of your golf cart is to upgrade tires and increase your tire capacity. Similarly, this is an ideal option for both gas and electric golf carts. The end result is a higher top speed if you mount a tire with a greater diameter on your golf cart. “All new and used golf carts in stock come with regular 8” golf cart tires. Bigger golf cart tires alone (20 “to 24”) will add an additional 2-4 MPH of speed to your golf cart depending on the size of the tire, without any other improvements such as a new engine, speed controller, etc.

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