How Do I Make My Boring Car More Fun?

Auto performance enhancements help the car meet its full potential, so you’re not stuck with the inferior product rushed out of the plant by the manufacturers. Car manufacturers usually scale back the maximum performance capabilities of a vehicle because their target is to be able to make the engine last as long as possible with as little maintenance as possible for the average user.

If you’re a car enthusiast, under the right conditions, you are less interested in being cautious and more interested in understanding the full extent of what your engine can do. Here are some changes that can be made to your engine that will change your driving experience:

Exhaust Upgrade

If optimizing airflow into the engine is included in your auto efficiency improvements, you can also change your exhaust system as the air leaves the engine. The quicker your engine exits exhaust gases, the more effectively it can work. In order to delay the escape of the exhaust, a typical exhaust pipe is bent. It will improve efficiency by upgrading this part to enhance airflow, and will also give your engine the rumbling, growling sound you like so much.

Sway Bars

When you want better handling on sharp curves, Sway bars are one of the top upgrades to make. Mount sway bars on the front and back, instead of wasting a lot on new shocks and springs, and be shocked at the difference you experience when you take a right.


Install your engine with a turbocharger. You won’t regret it. Turbochargers are powered by the engine’s lost energy, which spins a turbine and drives an air compressor which pushes extra oxygen into the cylinders of the engine. They allow even greater horsepower to be produced by small-sized engines and also dramatically improve fuel efficiency.

Cold Air Intake

It has less moisture because cold air is denser, and the oxygen is more concentrated. When you install a cold air intake system, you’re overriding the engine’s normal temperature control and making the internal combustion more efficient, which means more horsepower. A cold air intake system, since there are no baffles or parts along the way, often promotes air flow. They work at a higher level as engines receive more air and more oxygen.

Performance Reprogramming

From the braking mechanism to the fuel-to – air ratio in the engine, your vehicle’s internal computer controls several systems in your car. It’s time for factory settings to say goodbye and unlock hidden auto performance upgrades. You can tell your car to use fuel more effectively and regulate the timing of fuel injection.

Build A Better Sound System

There are two ways for this to be done. You can fit a high end hi-fi in it to enjoy your favorite tracks to the fullest if your car is quiet enough on the inside. Mega Bass is the other choice.

Fit Better Wheels and Tires

When you can’t bring the power down, what’s the point of engine tuning? Second, start improving your car by having the right wheels. For not that much money, they’re making a lot of difference.

Have a Clutch Pedal

It’s evident, isn’t it? Only go for the stick, if you can choose between an automatic and a manual. The entire driving experience is altered by a manual transmission and can turn a dull grocery getter into a misbehaving sleeper.

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