A car’s smog check is a big deal. You want to make sure that your vehicle passes this test because if it doesn’t you will be charged more for registration and emissions testing. A lot of people are unclear on what exactly happens during a smog check, so we’re here to help! 

A typical California Smog Check includes the following:

  • An inspection of different parts of the exhaust system including hoses, pipes, and mufflers
  • Emissions control components and systems are inspected visually
  • Checking for leaks in gas tanks
  • Inspecting fuel lines
  • Checking air cleaner systems
  • Verifying carburetor synchronization or throttle linkage adjustment
  • Verifying that no tampering has occurred with engine timing or ignition timing (i.e., spark plugs) which could affect performance

During a smog check, the technician will attach measurement equipment to your car. They perform emissions inspections that confirm whether or not you have an exhaust system in place and functioning correctly; they also make sure there aren’t any leaks from valves on-board plus monitor levels of carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2) hydrocarbons(HC), oxygen – all found within vehicle emission tests.

The measurements collected during the smog check are recorded and made accessible to your state’s official vehicle emissions monitoring agency right away. It is forwarded to the Bureau of Automotive Repair in California (BAR).

Some states, counties, and cities mandate that cars be tested for emissions. There are a few different techniques used to do this but most use gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS).

A GC has two wings: an injector that makes the sample go through its paces while under vacuum so nothing leaks out; then there’s a detector where all of those chemical compounds make their way into one spot on whatever surface you put them onto – like a detectors’ tablet screen! The following are examples of existing testing methods:

Two-speed idle (TSI)

The idling test is a great way to see how your car handles when it’s sitting still and not being driven. This particular exam measures tailpipe emissions at high speeds as well as low ones, which can be used on any vehicle registered before 1995.

Acceleration simulation mode (ASM) 

The ASM test can be used to analyze emissions in older cars. A dynamometer is a machine that simulates driving circumstances, so it’s not just the car but also its driver who must pass this requirement towards reduced toxic fumes from gas-burning engines for newer models coming on market soon!

On-Board Diagnostics 

The car’s onboard diagnostics are uploaded during this test to help you get the most accurate reading possible.

During any vehicle inspection, it is vital for mechanics and technicians alike to gather as much information on what the engine thinks of its current condition so they can make recommendations about needed repairs or other improvements necessary before something breaks irreparably down under strain!

You can breathe a sigh of relief when your car passes its smog test, and you’ll get that much-needed closure by looking at the Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) as well. If it fails, you’re not authorized on public roads! Owners who are caught driving them will receive penalties so make sure to have a license to fix it later!

We’ve just learned a lot about what a smog check is and how it includes the inspection of many different components. This information can be very helpful if you want to help others understand more about their car or if you need to have your own vehicle inspected for emissions before registering it in California. It’s important that we make sure these inspections are as accurate as possible. If you don’t know where your nearest location is, call us today!

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