The California smog check requirements for a car transfer are not as straightforward as you might think. The answer to the question of whether or not a vehicle needs a smog inspection is dependent on what county the vehicle will be registered in, and when it was last registered. For example, if you were transferring ownership of your vehicle in San Francisco but had last registered it outside of the Bay Area, then yes; you would need to get your car inspected before titling and registering your vehicle.

Many people in California are unaware that they need to get a smog check before transferring the title of their vehicle. This is because many dealerships will handle this for you, but if you’re transferring the title yourself, it’s important to know what requirements your state has in order to transfer ownership. 

In California, individuals must have a valid smog inspection certificate on file with DMV at the time of application for registration or renewal of registration. The requirement applies when an individual transfers ownership and when an individual purchases a used car from another person who does not provide proof that he or she passed the required emissions test within 90 days prior to or after purchase. 

The purpose behind this law is two-fold: one, it ensures cars are being sold by smog-conscious sellers, and two, it means that vehicles are not registered in California unless they have passed smog inspection.

If You’re Transferring Vehicle Title To A Relative

There are some exceptions to the smog check requirement for transferring a vehicle’s title in California. If you are buying or receiving a vehicle from one of your relatives on the exemption list – which includes spouses, domestic partners, siblings, children, parents, grandchildren, or grandparents – then there is no smog check required when titling and registering your car. This transfer is exempt from requiring a smog certificate. However, if this relative does provide proof that he or she passed their last emission test within 90 days before selling you their car then yes; you will need to get an inspection before receiving ownership of your smog certificate. This makes things easier for car owners and sellers because they can:

  • Get car transferred without smog check in California
  • Negate the need for a smog certificate when buying or transferring vehicle in California
  • Car automatically exempt a car from requiring emission tests when you receive it through one of these ten listed family members

If You’re Transferring The Title Of Your Vehicle To A Relative

Smog check requirements are different when you transfer the title of your vehicle to a relative on DMV’s exemption list. If an individual transfers ownership of their car to someone on this list – which includes spouses, domestic partners, siblings, children, parents, or grandparents among others – then no smog inspection is required for registration purposes if that person has passed smog testing within 90 days before buying the car from another party who doesn’t provide proof they’ve already met these smog test requirements. 

However; if neither party can show evidence that one completed a smog check within 30 days before transferring the vehicle into their name then both parties will need to complete California smog inspections. This helps car owners because of the following:

  • Smog check requirements are easier to meet
  • Get ready for the DMV inspection quicker than ever before 
  • The transfer of car ownership can be done quickly and painlessly
  • Save money by getting your vehicle registered without smog checks

If You’re Transferring Vehicle Title To A Non-Relative

The requirements for transferring a vehicle’s title to someone who is not on DMV’s exemption list – which includes business partners, acquaintances, or co-workers among others – will vary depending on where the car was last registered and when it was most recently smog checked. If you are transferring ownership of your smogged vehicle in California from one county to another then yes; there would be smog inspection required before titling and registering that car with the new owner. 

This transfer requires a smog certificate because this location change means different emission standards apply now than they did previously. However, if an individual transfers their registration within the same county without having changed their smog testing location then no smog inspection is required. This gives you an assurance that you can get:

  • Clear information on requirements for ownership transfer
  • Thorough explanation of vehicle titling procedure
  • Info on the legality of transferring car ownership without smog certification

If You’re Purchasing A Used Vehicle From Someone Who Doesn’t Have Proof Of Smog Check Inspection

When you buy a used car from someone who cannot provide proof that they have recently passed the smog check requirements, both parties will need to complete smog inspections before transferring your new vehicle’s title. This transfer requires smogging because neither party can prove whether or not the last owner met California emissions standards within 90 days of selling their car to another individual without evidence of having completed smogs at some point in time since buying it themselves. 

However; if either party provides documentation indicating that one has already completed their smog certification and test – which includes registration renewal notices along with smog check receipts – then no smog inspection will be required.

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