Customizing vehicles have been around since the beginning of the automotive industry. The first cars were not mass-produced like they are today, and each vehicle was very expensive for most people to buy. For this reason, many wealthy individuals would opt to hire a coachbuilder to customize their car so that it suited their personality or lifestyle better. This customized look could even be seen as early as the 17th century. Nowadays, some vintage automobiles have become incredibly valuable due to how unique they are because of these coachbuilders’ work. 

As time went on though, companies started making more cars which decreased prices overall but also made customization more difficult both financially and logistically speaking. Many brands began to offer customization options on their vehicles to help lure buyers into purchasing a car that was more unique than the rest. This is done through things like adding accessories, modifying certain parts of the car, or even making whole new body types for cars such as trucks and SUVs.

    You may not think that there is much to know about customizing vehicles. However, the history of vehicle customization goes back hundreds of years. To learn more about this fascinating topic, read on for a brief overview.

What is Vehicle Customization?

    Vehicle customization is a type of aftermarket personalization that has been tailored to increase performance, which can be done by altering or replacing engines and transmissions. By doing this alone it begins to make one’s car look unique, not like any other car made from scratch at that model of the manufacturer. Custom builders may customize vehicles with their style as well as personal touches for someone else’s tastes. Additionally, some people enjoy having specific features added on tops such as carbon fiber exterior parts, such as painting, changing decals and accessories, adding lights, and many more.

How It All Began

    The customizing of cars is an old practice that dates back to before World War II. Those who owned 1929-1934 models would remove their running boards and replace them with light cycle fenders while owners of earlier versions had more options when it came to customization including alterations such as suspension or engine modifications. During this early era for car styling, hot rods were very plain looking but gradually over time, colorful paint jobs began emerging on these types of vehicles which helped shape what we know today about modifying our ride.

    Car manufacturers began to replace traditional radiator filler caps with alligator-style hoods that led directly into a solid front and dropped grille. By the mid-1930s these models were very popular across America due in large part to their customizable features which could be smoothed out or sharpened depending on taste during this period. And near the end of the 1930s, was mostly aimed at smoothing, cleaning, and sharpening the stock.

The Golden Era

    As the word of car customization spread, many companies began using this to advertise by placing their logos on vehicles. Custom builders then took it one step further and replaced even more auto parts including headlamp housings, bumpers, all while adding chrome. Sometimes they would strip away paint from original bumpers for an added touch. Other times you’ll spot them with shiny new chromed-out components instead.

    In the 1950s, custom car builders began to incorporate body modification into their work. Bold colors and designs on vehicles became very popular in this decade as did even bolder looks for cars such as using candy apple red or metallic paints that created a glitter effect with flake paint application. In addition, hand-painted pinstripes emerged onto the scene too.

Vehicle Customization Today

    Today, customizing cars is more popular than ever before. Many people are turning to the customization of their rides for a personalized touch. Also, many builders have their TV shows. From engine modifications to paint jobs and accessories, customizing your ride can make it more personalized than ever before.

    Vehicle customization is a deep-rooted tradition that dates back to the early days of car production. The process has evolved and changed, but it still thrives in today’s modern world. We want you to be part of this exciting evolution. Call us today for your consultation with one of our experts who can help take care of all your vehicle customization needs from start to finish. They will make sure you get the best quality work at an affordable price by using only top-of-the-line materials and techniques. What are you waiting for? Contact us now.

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