Customizing your vehicle can be a great way to express yourself and have fun with what you drive. But, there are some things that people often get wrong about customizing their cars. In this post, we’re going to go over five common misconceptions about car customization and busted for good reasons.

1. Car Vinyl Wrap Can Hurt Your Auto Body

One of the most common misconceptions about vehicle customization is that car vinyl wrap can damage the body and paint on your vehicle. While some people believe this to be true, it isn’t. When a professional wraps a car with vinyl they will take special precautions so as not to cause any harm to your existing paint job or automobile exterior. Car wrapping companies have all sorts of tools at their disposals such as heat guns to properly adhere various layers of material down onto each panel of your car without harming its surface quality. Many auto shops even use graphic film for certain types of customizations because it causes no concern for adhesion issues or negative effects on automotive surfaces when removed later down the line.

2. Front Bumpers with a Unique Design Are a Waste of Money

People who don’t know much about vehicle customization will often ask why a front bumper with a unique design is so expensive. The simple answer is that the money you pay goes towards more than just manufacturing and installing it on your vehicles. It involves research and development to ensure that it fits perfectly onto your vehicle without requiring any sanding or adjustments. You may have also heard others complain of issues such as poor quality materials being used. The truth behind this common misconception is that companies invest in high-quality material making sure their customers are completely satisfied with the results from start to finish. When designing bumpers for trucks, they go through three different stages, computer modeling, physical prototyping models made by hand using clay molds and hand-finished models made using a CNC router.

3. A Paint Job Is A Better Option Than A Car Wrap

The exterior of your car can make all the difference in how well it looks. The paint job is often considered superior to other options, but this might not always be true if you want an eye-catching design or protection from weathering that craves exposure time on its surfaces due for example as part of UV treatments. A car wrap may seem like a cop-out because there are no barriers between it and nature – however, these same qualities mean they’re much more durable than getting anything else done at home. As compared to a paint job, car wraps provide more customization options including but not limited to sheen and reflection. Premium designs can often surpass typical paints jobs by providing high-quality aesthetics that will leave your vehicle looking sleek in every light.

4. Lowered Vehicles Result In Compromised Performance

There is this common misconception that when a vehicle is lowered, the owner of said vehicle compromises performance. This isn’t always true. Lowered vehicles may not be able to handle rough terrain but most car owners don’t need such capabilities for city driving and even highway cruising. A lowered ride height can improve handling at high speeds due to its reduced center of gravity which makes it easier for lateral forces to act on it without tipping over in excess during turns. It will also enable drivers with shorter legs and arms the ability to reach pedals better since their seating position has been moved closer towards them where they would use less effort pushing off against an unaltered suspension system while turning.

5. Customizing Your Vehicle Decreases Its Value

One of the most common misconceptions about vehicle customization is the idea that it will decrease its value. This isn’t always true, as some of these changes can increase your car’s worth. For example, if you’re adding a new paint job or changing its rims then you could be decreasing your car’s potential resale price but this depends on how much extra money you put into customizing the vehicle and whether it matches current trends in automotive design. Another way to look at this issue is by comparing different types of customization with one another. While certain modifications might devalue your ride during the resale time they may also make other upgrades enticing for buyers because those updates will make your ride more appealing.

There are a lot of misconceptions that people have about car customization. We want to help you get the facts straight and set your mind at ease with these five common myths. Whether you’re looking for vinyl wraps, paint jobs, or other services from our team, we can give you an honest opinion on all of your options so that you make a good decision for yourself. Contact us today if any of this sounds like something that might interest you.

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