Red Willow Park is a cozy little park at the end of an easy to overlook cul de sac! A few parking spaces are available there and the park is fully filled with a playground, picnic benches and bathrooms. You can come here and take San Ramon hiking challenges, unfortunately the signs for the trail are not clearly marked, so you just have to follow the trail. As a 2.24 mile walk, the SR hiking challenge begins at the red willow park and then goes down with a hidden crest loop. There are different paths in both directions but it didn’t seem like a good idea without simple signage and the higher grass like trees.

After passing the bathrooms you can find the short trail and back right after. At first you start with a steep slope but nothing too high. Try to turn around and take in the stunning view until you get to the highest part of the incline! You can see flowers and animals, including rare birds, all along the way. Since all is so green and in full bloom, spring is the perfect time.

A word of warning, stay in the middle of the path because getting too close with high trees to the outside, you might find some other wildlife! When you are in the middle of the road, you may run into a few tiny garden snakes but they are harmless and only trying to get away into the bushes. 

 The trails are small so make sure you have your masks in case you ‘re trying to social distance. The trail is also steeper than you would expect so make sure that you pack water and wear shoes that can provide traction as you go downhill. The park itself has plenty of grass and I saw a couple have a fun little picnic here! You can see some people with their pets, too.

A nice, small community park with a large play structure for children and a minor league tee ball track. This park has its own small parking lot for about 18 vehicles, good enclosed park toilets and plenty of mature trees for shade. This will be a perfect park to have the kids running around and getting some energy out.

They have access to an enormous trail with spectacular views of Contra Costa County. 

Definitely a park to explore should you ever be in the city.

By Jon ‘ShakataGaNai’ Davis, CC BY 3.0,

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All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location located at 3600 Camino Tassajara! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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