The Greenbrook Elementary School is a unique location. It is a beautiful campus nestled among a tree-lined greenbelt that winds throughout the sleepy surrounding campus neighborhoods. Greenbrook was torn down over a decade ago and rebuilt from the ground upwards. Now it’s a showcase of beautiful buildings designed around a grassy quad and flagpole, where we gather as a school community every week.

Any child attending Greenbrook Elementary has many opportunities to attain academic, social , and emotional success. Leaving Greenbrook you ‘re leaving with a feeling of belonging and comfort that can’t be measured.

Greenbrook School Park is located behind the school and has nice fields of youth soccer which can accommodate four games at one time. You can see so many children playing in the field. You can learn to ride a bike there. It is a beautiful place.

It can sound like just playing, but when children are involved and running around a playground, they build up vital cognitive skills. Playgrounds provide children with the opportunity to learn skills that will potentially play a role in adult skills such as the ability to work with others, establish decision-making skills and perform leadership roles effectively, persevere in the face of challenges and generate new ideas.

Benefits of a School Park

The challenge of today’s schools is not only to prepare children for their future careers but also to teach critical life skills, behaviors and attitudes that will help them navigate adulthood successfully. To do this, and provide students with the best learning environment, both indoor and outdoor physical activity are required.

Although children are discovering playgrounds in kindergarten, they are developing essential life skills that will ultimately help them become successful thinkers, leaders and collaborators. Unfortunately, play is under strain as school administrators, teachers and parents feel pressure for children to academically “perform” and invest more time in learning in the classroom. And with the proliferation of technology and the amount of screen time kids get each day, recess and free play are more relevant than ever on a playground.

By providing an atmosphere in which children can experience unstructured play, you not only help their physical wellbeing but also improve their chances of success in class. Children pay more attention to academic activities by offering them regular, brief free play opportunities. Recess may also have a calming effect helping with behavioral problems and management of impulses.

Unstructured playground physical activity is helping children become smarter, healthier and stronger.

By Jon ‘ShakataGaNai’ Davis, CC BY 3.0,

This amazing park is located near the following amazing sites in Danville, California:

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All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location located at 3600 Camino Tassajara! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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