Have you ever wanted to know more about the history of windows and all the amazing facts that come with such a simple yet powerful structure? From its earliest days as wooden and metal frames to modern glass installations using advanced technology, there is much to learn about windows. This comprehensive fact sheet reveals the rich history behind windows and explores the many fascinating facts about their use and functionality. Discover how some of the most iconic buildings are made possible by windows, uncover valuable tips for creating a window that meets your needs, and be surprised by incredible innovations in glass technology. With this guide, you’ll gain an appreciation for windows in ways you never thought possible!

1. Windows Are One Of Those Things That We Simply Could Not Imagine Our Lives Without, Despite The Fact That We Don’t Give Them Much Thought.

2. Before Glass Was Widely Used, Windows Were Typically Crafted Out Of Materials Such As Paper, Fabric, Animal Hide, Flattened Bits Of Horn, Or Thin Slices Of Marble.

3. The Roman Egyptians Most Likely Created The First Windows Made Of “Glass” About The Year 100 A.D.

These windows were exceptionally thick, making it incredibly difficult to see out of them. It took over one thousand years for windows to become as transparent as they are now.

4. At The End Of The 1600s, Glass Windows Were Seen As A Luxury Item, And Even The Wealthiest People Only Installed Them In The Most Important Rooms Of Their Homes.

5. It Wasn’t Until The Early 17th Century That Glass Windows Became Standard In Residential Construction.

6. The United States Department Of Energy Estimates That Malfunctioning Or Drafty Windows, Skylights, Or Glass Doors Are Responsible For 25 Percent Of The Typical Household’s Monthly Energy Bill. 

The installation of double-paned glass, airtight frames, or the purchase of windows rated with the Energy Star can cut your monthly expenditure by around 15 percent. By having sun screens installed on the windows of your home by a professional, you can cut your monthly energy costs by around 25 percent.

7. Despite The Fact That Windows Are Such An Essential Component Of Our Lives, We Rarely Give Them Much Thought.

8. Simple Apertures In The Walls Or Roof Were The First Windows, And They Were Occasionally Covered With Fabric Or Wood.

9. The Romans Were The First Civilization To Use Glass In The Windows Of Their Buildings.

10. The Romans Achieved A High Level Of Mastery In The Skill Of Setting Glass Stones In Oak Frames Around The Third Century CE.

11. Windows Were Subject To A Tax In 1969 In England. 

It was implemented under William III’s rule and was based on the number of windows in a structure. 

12. Owners Of Homes With More Windows Were Formerly Required To Pay Additional Taxes For Each New Window, With The Exception Of Those With Less Than Ten Windows.

13. Romans Were The First To Use Glass Windows.

A “window” was essentially a hole in the wall before glass windows were invented. The first glass windows are said to have been made by the Romans utilizing Egyptian glass blowing methods.

14. Ancient China, Korea, And Japan All Had Greased Paper Windows.

In Asia’s early cultures, greased paper windows were commonly utilized. The grease filled the spaces between the paper threads and diluted the light source.

15. The English Word “Window” Derives From The Old Norse Vindauga. 

This is the combination of the words wind and eye, which translates to wind eye. In the early 13th century, the word window was first recorded in English. It alluded to a roof defect. The literal Old English translation of window is eye-hole or eye-door.

16. Each Window Type Serves A Distinct Purpose.

Modern windows come in a variety of styles. These styles are not only visually distinct, but also perform differently. A sliding window, for instance, opens along a rolling track and can admit a large amount of fresh air. In contrast, a garden window is the ideal location for growing small plants or a herb garden.

17. Not All Premium Windows Are Expensive.

Due to exorbitant prices, many Indianapolis homeowners assume they cannot afford superior windows. While some major brands charge exorbitant costs, Universal Windows Direct provides reasonable replacement windows of superior quality.

18. Windows Are One Of The Most Important And Fascinating Aspects Of Any Structure Or Home.

They bridge the gap between our protected inside life and the harsh elements of the outside world.

19. Their Distinctive And Shifting Styles Have Influenced Architects And Homeowners For Centuries.

20. Prior To The Invention Of Glass, Windows Were Typically Created From Paper, Fabric, Animal Hide, Bits Of Animal Horn That Had Been Flattened, Or Thin Slices Of Marble And Wood.

21. Windows, Skylights, And Glazed Doors That Leak And Are Inefficient Account For More Than 25 Percent Of The Average Household’s Energy Expenses. 

Purchasing windows with double-pane insulated glass, heat-resistant coatings, airtight frames, and energy star ratings can reduce energy expenses by up to 15%.

22. Burj Khalifa In Dubai Is 2,717 Feet Tall, Has 206 Storeys, Reaches A Half Mile Into The Sky, And Contains Roughly 34,334 Windows. 

It takes around three months and more than thirty individuals to wash all the windows!

23. The White House Has 147 Windows, While Buckingham Palace Has 760 Windows In All.

24. Awnings Can Reduce Solar Heat Intake From Windows By Up To 77%, While Light-Colored Shades Can Reduce It By As Much As 43%.

25. In A Typical Home, Windows Occupy 15% Or Less Of The Wall Space.

26. When Compared To Vertical Windows Of The Same Size, Skylights Bring In 30% More Natural Light.

27. Fiberglass Windows Are Also Far More Resistant To Temperature Extremes Than Vinyl Or Wood Windows.

28. Vinyl Windows May Cost 10 To 25 Percent More Than Fiberglass Windows, But Because Of The Nature Of The Material, Fiberglass Windows Are Significantly Stronger And Last Longer (A Combination Of Molten Glass Fibers And Resin).

29. Double Hung Windows Have Been Present In American Homes Since The 1800s And Are The Most Popular Form Of Replacement Windows In The United States.

30. While You Should Keep Away From Electrical Equipment, Wires, And Metal During A Lightning Storm, You Should Also Avoid Windows Since Lightning Can Enter Via The Cracks On The Edges Of Your Windows.

31. Early In The 17th Century, Homes Just Started To Frequently Have Glass Windows.

32. The Window Tax Was First Enforced In England In 1696 To Compensate For Coin Clipping, Which Reduced The Weight And Worth Of Silver Coins During William Iii’s Reign. 

The UK and many European countries imposed a window tax throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.

33. Windows Provide Us With A View Of The Outside World, But They Also Provide Much More.

In actuality, many window designs come with a variety of benefits and drawbacks.

34. Without Any Form Of Window Covering, Such As Blinds, Shades, Or Curtains, Your Home May Appear Bare And Incomplete And May Even Make The Rooms Feel Cooler In The Winter And Warmer In The Summer.

35. By Increasing Ventilation By As Much As 50% Over Fixed Windows, Double Hung Windows Are Intended To Let In As Much Fresh Air As Possible.

36. Double Hung Windows, Which Are Thought To Be The Most Popular Window Style Today, Are Seen In Many Residential Buildings, Both Conventional And Contemporary. 

37. Double Hung Windows Can Be Found In A Variety Of Materials To Go With The Architectural Design Of Your House.

38. Windows For Buildings Are Now Fully Automated, With Self-Configuring And Managing Systems That Increase Efficiency And Reduce Costs.

39. Windows For Buildings Are Designed To Require Minimal Maintenance And Repairs, Thanks To Intelligent Ai-Driven Automation Technology.

40. Smart Windows Are Now Able To Detect Changes In The Environment Outside And Adjust Accordingly To Maintain An Optimal Interior Temperature Inside The Building.

41. Advanced Security Capabilities Like Facial Recognition, Motion Sensors, Biometric Authentication, And Firewalls Are Included In Windows For Buildings To Provide Full Protection Against Hostile Assaults.

42. IoT Connectivity Has Allowed Developers To Create “Smart Glass”.

A type of smart window which has both audio and video capabilities built into it which can be used for surveillance or teleconferencing purposes.

43. Smart Windows Can Now Be Used To Generate Electricity From Natural Light Sources Without Needing Solar Panels Or Other Energy-Generating Devices Attached To Them.

44. In The U.S. Alone, Fiberglass Windows Are Expected To Dominate The Window Market With More Than 50% Of All Windows Produced Composed Of Fiberglass Material.

45. Fiberglass Is Significantly More Energy Efficient Than Other Types Of Window Frames, Eliminating Up To 90% Of Solar Heat And Reducing Energy Costs By Up To 25%.

46. The Durability And Low Maintenance Associated With Fiberglass Makes It An Ideal Material For Producing Quality Windows That Can Withstand Extreme Temperatures, Humidity, And Wind Forces While Remaining Lightweight And Easy To Install.

47. Fiberglass Offers Exceptional Insulation Capabilities Due To Its High R-Value Rating, Which Explains Why Many Homeowners Opt For This Type Of Frame When Constructing A New Home Or Replacing Existing Frames On Their Homes.

48. Window Frames Made From Fiberglass Can Block Up To 95% Of Uv Rays From Entering Your Home, Thus Decreasing Fading On Furniture Cushions Or Carpets From Direct Sunlight Exposure Over Time.

49. Fiberglass Is Highly Recyclable And Can Be Reused To Create New Products Such As Insulation Or Other Building Materials.

50. Fiberglass Window Frames Come In Various Colors And Styles So You Can Find Something That Will Match The Aesthetic Of Your Home’s Design No Matter What Look You Prefer!

51. Unlike Traditional Wood Frames, Fiberglass Does Not Require Extensive Maintenance Such As Sanding Or Staining In Order For It To Remain Usable Over Time—Making Them A Much Better Investment For Long Term Use!

52. By 2023, Vinyl Windows Are Projected To Make Up More Than 20% Of The Global Window Frame Market Share And Reach A Value Of More Than $320 Billion USD.

53. Vinyl Is One Of The Most Affordable Window Frame Materials Available On The Market In Terms Of Both Purchase Price And Maintenance Costs.

54. Vinyl Offers Improved Insulation Over Other Materials That Results In Lower Heating And Cooling Bills, Effectively Cutting Energy Costs By As Much As 40%.

55. Unlike Other Materials Such As Wood Or Aluminum, Vinyl Windows Require Almost No Maintenance And Never Need To Be Repainted Or Stained.

56. Vinyl Frames Are Incredibly Durable And Can Withstand Extreme Weather Conditions With Little Risk Of Cracking Or Warping.

This makes them an ideal choice for coastal locations where hurricane-force winds can affect buildings.

57. Vinyl Frames Come In A Wide Range Of Colors To Choose From, Allowing Customers To Customize The Look And Feel Of Their Home Without Having To Sacrifice Quality Or Performance.

58. The Low Thermal Expansion Rate Associated With Vinyl Means There Is Very Little Risk Of Air Or Water Leakage When Exposed To Extreme Temperatures Or Changes In Humidity Levels.

59. With Proper Installation Techniques, Vinyl Framed Windows Can Form An Effective Barrier Against Sound Pollution From Outside Sources, Making Them Quieter Than Many Other Types Of Frames On The Market Today.

60. Vinyl Is Also 100% Recyclable And Can Be Used To Create New Products Such As Fencing Panels, Decking Boards, And Even Furniture Components Like Drawer Handles And Hinges Once It Has Been Removed From Its Original Application As A Window Frame Material.

61. When Properly Cared For, Some Brands May Even Guarantee Their Vinyl Window Frames For More Than 25 Years!

62. In 2023, Double Hung Windows Are Expected To Make Up The Majority Of Window Sales In North America, With An Estimated 80% Of Total Window Sales.

63. Double Hung Windows Are Projected To Last Anywhere From 15-25 Years Given Proper Installation And Maintenance.

64. On Average, A Single Double Hung Window Can Reduce Energy Bills By Up To 10%.

65. Most Double Hung Windows Feature Two Sliders That Open Opposite Directions, Allowing For Natural Air Circulation Throughout The Home.

66. Installation Of Double Hung Windows Is Typically Considered Quick And Easy Due To The Sash Weights Within Its Frame Which Helps Keep It In Place During The Installation Process.

67. One Major Benefit Of Double Hung Windows Is Their Ability To Open From The Top Or Bottom, Depending On The User’s Preference.

68. Double Hung Windows Are Available In A Wide Range Of Shapes And Sizes, Making Them One Of The Most Customizable Window Types On The Market.

69. When It Comes To Opening/Closing Your Windows For Ventilation Purposes, Double Hung Types Offer Better Control Over Both Airflow And Temperature Regulation Than Other More Traditional Styled Windows Like Casements Or Sliders Do As They Are Designed With Two Adjustable Sashes That Operate Independently From One Another.

70. Glass Windows, Unlike Any Other Substance, Can Transmit, Absorb, Or Reflect Light.

Because of this, it can have qualities of both translucence and transparency. These features lend an incredible beauty to the structure you have created.

71. 80% Of Daylight Can Be Transmitted Via Glass Windows In All Directions. 

It can accomplish this without fading, clouding, or weathering.

72. It Is Not Affected By The Weather. 

Windows made of glass are able to withstand the damaging impacts of the sun, wind, and rain without deteriorating in quality or appearance.

73. Additionally, Glass Windows Are Resistant To Corrosion. 

In contrast to any other, it is not susceptible to deterioration brought on by chemical reactions or the impacts of the environment around it.

74. The Surface Of Glass Windows Is Typically Smooth And Shiny. 

Glass does not collect dust and is therefore much simpler to clean than other materials.

75. Glass Windows Are Relatively Inexpensive. 

Consider the fact that glass allows natural light to enter a space even when the associated windows and doors are closed, hence reducing the amount of energy needed to light the space. You will also see a reduction in the cost of your monthly electricity bill.

76. Glass Windows Have A Far Lower Risk Of Electric Risks. 

The glass is a very excellent insulator. Because of this, there is no way that it could transmit electric current.

77. To Create Any Shape, Glass Can Be Pressed, Blown, Or Drawn. 

As a result, it is utilized in structures, storefronts, windows, and doors. You may also use it for furniture after laminating with plywood or a metal sheet.

78. The Visibility Of The Storefront Is Increased Through Windows.

Big windows attract customers. Customers may ignore your store if its windows are small. However, large windows and displays may entice passersby to enter and buy. Commercial windows improve visibility and business performance.

79. Good Windows Insulate Your Building, Provide Protection From The Weather, And Save You Money Because You Will Use Your Heating And Cooling Systems Less Frequently.

80. By Preventing Outside Noise, Windows Can Provide Soundproofing, Enhancing The Comfort Of Your Building And Making Your Business A More Personalized Space.

81. The Soundproofing Capabilities Of Commercial Windows Can Make Your Business More Pleasant. 

That is not the only method they can accomplish their goal. Since they are also energy-efficient, they also improve the temperature of your area.

82. Windows, Which Allow Light, Air, And Sound To Enter A Space, Are Considered To Be One Of The Most Essential And Unique Building Components.

83. New Windows Increased Security And Safety.

Windows that are difficult to open or that have been painted shut provide a safety risk, for example when attempting to escape a burning building. Additionally, doors with many locks are more difficult to breach than those with a single lock.

84. The Installation Of New Windows Enhanced The Value Of A Home.

New windows and doors can add value to a home. 71 to 78% of the project’s original cost upon selling.

85. The Dust And Allergies Were Decreased Thanks To The New Windows.

Blinds and shades tucked between the panes of glass remain dust-free, reducing allergies in the home.

86. Comfort Was Increased Because Of The New Windows.

Windows and doors that are well-sealed, energy-efficient, and draft-proof can help reduce the number of cold drafts and hot spots in your home.

87. The Energy Efficiency Was Increased Thanks To The New Windows.

By increasing the energy efficiency of your home and lowering the amount of wear and tear on your heating and cooling systems, purchasing replacement windows or doors can help you save money.

88. Windows Are Not The Only Source Of Ventilation In Our Homes, But They Are Essential To The Ventilation Of Our Interior Spaces.

89. Windows Are Essential Features Of A Home That Can Either Enhance Or Detract From Its Appearance.

90. A Window Installed In A Kitchen Allows Smoke, Smells, And Heated Air To Escape.

91. A Window Installed In A Bathroom Allows Steam To Escape And Speeds Up The Drying Process.

92. Homeowners Can Enjoy Alone Anytime They Wish, Based On Their Interests, Thanks To The Increased Seclusion Provided By Windows.

Depending on the level of privacy desired by home users, this can be accomplished through the use of opaque or translucent glass or window treatments such as curtains, blinds, etc.

93. Windows Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency.

94. The Home Windows Provide More Comfort And Safety. 

It makes the surroundings more bright, clean and healthy.

95. Typically, The Width And Height Of A Window Are 4 To 7 Feet (1.2 To 2.1m) And 4 To 4.5 Feet (1.2 To 1.4m), Respectively.

96. The Home Windows Offer Increased Comfort And Security. It Makes The Environment Brighter, Cleaner, And Healthier.

97. Windows Provide Style To A Home, But They Are Permanent, So Choosing Them Carefully Is Important. 

They must be attractive and useful for the home’s climate.

98. There Are Numerous Types Of Commercial And Residential Windows Available For Use In Residential Construction Or Restoration Projects.

99. Steel Frames And Shutters Are Not Recommended For Coastal Areas Due To Corrosion.

Steel frames and shutters work well in most places, but coastal environments are too harsh for them. Over time, steel frames and shutters can corrode from high moisture and salt spray or fog.

100. In Cold Climates, Large Glass Windows Transfer Solar Heat To Reduce Heating Burden, While Hot Climates Need Smaller Ones.

101. The First Windows Were Holes In Walls Or Roofs Covered In Fabric Or Wood.

The first windows were holes cut in walls covered with cloth, metal grilles, thin wooden frames, or blocks of stone. Modern windows have higher insulation. These prehistoric holes served the same purpose as modern windows.