This 20-acre park is renowned for the water-snake mosaic that winds down a hill. There is a playground for children, a sand volleyball court, a covered picnic area, lighted sports fields, and two tennis courts in the park. You can rent sports fields, tennis courts, a picnic area, and a snack shack. (Picnic area closed temporarily for rentals)

Do you have a younger child who loves exploring? The playground at Diablo Vista Park is great for children 4 and under. The pint-size climbing frames, bucket swings, and wide sandy areas of this park, affectionately known as “Snake Park,” are ideal for toddlers. There are three play areas in the park: one with tiny buildings, one with a climbing frame and slides, and one with swings.

A big tile snake is the focal point of the park. The snake, topped with fountains and a cement pad, slithers down a slope, providing several different routes for pint-sized climbers to discover. Children who climb the snake will be treated to a view of the park from the bird’s eye.

The playground, with a good range of structures, has plenty to do. It’s also surrounded by picnic tables where parents can eat or sit and watch their children. Also, the toilets were clean and well kept.

For small children, this is a perfect park, as the playground keeps them occupied and is partially enclosed for safety. This park has many mature trees and is surrounded by soccer and softball fields. It’s nice to park (well, it depends on what time you go). If you happen to go on the weekend when a big soccer tournament is open, it will be difficult to find parking, but there is adequate parking for the most part.


Space is NOT AVAILABLE before or during your event or outside your event.

Contracted lease time, with no exceptions. This involves food/drinks, decoration, floral

Arrangements, facilities for catering, linen, screens, etc.

It is specifically forbidden to use nails, tacks, pins, staples, etc… Maybe Painter’s Tape

It’ll be included.

If you want to bring a ladder or step stool for decorating purposes, you

It can do so. Equipment like this is not supplied by the area.

The holder of the permit is responsible for removing all decorations and allowing users to owned or leased personal property during the rental period indicated on the rental

Contract / Permit.

By Jon ‘ShakataGaNai’ Davis, CC BY 3.0,

Danville, California has some amazing parks that will blow your mind! Make sure to plan on visiting all or only one of them:

  • Sycamore Valley Park 
  • Hap Magee Ranch Park
  • Oak Hill Park
  • Osage Station Park
  • Danville South Park
  • Bret Harte Park 
  • Hap Magee Ranch Dog Park
  • Greenbrook School Park

All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location located at 3600 Camino Tassajara! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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