Can An Auto Repair Shop Keep Your Car?

Car repairs happen from time to time. Finding an honest mechanic at a fair price is not always easy for everyone. Worse yet, it is difficult for most people to identify mistakes or short cuts that are taken by mechanics. That is, at least until something goes wrong. But can the auto repair shop keep your car? If yes, how long?

Yes, no. Essentially, it depends on the terms of the agreement that you have with them in terms of how and when payment is to be made for the services rendered and what the consequences are in the event that payment is not made.

In most jurisdictions, to keep your vehicle in place, they need to apply to the court to attach it. This will follow the normal civil procedure of serving a letter of formal notice to you, failing which to respond accordingly to that letter of formal notice, civil proceedings are instituted to recover the debt from you.

In that case, they may specify in the court documents that the car will be forfeited to them and that the additional amount over and above what is due may also be claimed from you if it is subtracted from the value of the vehicle. In the absence of this process, they are traditionally unable to hold on to your car and you can sue them for it, but in their papers, they will file a counterclaim against you for payment for repairs made to the vehicle at your request.

In the case of minor repairs, a good mechanic would usually need a minimum of one day or two depending on the severity of the problem for the mechanic to complete the task. If some parts of the car need to be replaced, it will take more time depending on the availability of the parts needed. However, if there is a delay in the repair time, which is the case with significant repairs and damage, you might get a little irritated. There is no proper limitation on how much time the car garage would need to keep the vehicle. It also depends on the level of activity and workload of the garage. It is recommended that you browse online to find the best maintenance tips to keep the car running smoothly without any problems.

Communicate Clearly

You need to be clear about the estimated time for the mechanic to fix the specific issue in advance. The mechanic would not want to extend the time it takes to fix the problem due to the risk of losing the customer. You need to set limits in advance to be safe from unexpected delays. In addition, a written record of costs and time will hold the mechanic responsible for sticking to their words. Remember, although it may not be a minor repair issue, it may be a cause of concern for significant damage. It’s the first tip to follow if you want to know how long a mechanic can keep your car.

Unforeseen Issues Can Increase Repair Time

With car repair, things wouldn’t always be that simple. Although the mechanic may offer you an accurate time for repairs, any additional issues may extend the timeline. In addition, there may even be a personal issue with the car repair expert. You should ask the car repair expert to keep you up-to – date on any recent car repair developments.

What to Do If the Mechanic Takes Too Long to Repair

In case you suspect the repairs are taking too long to happen, consider going to another shop for the same issue. Make sure to compile all the information regarding the repairs and take a second opinion about the repairs and fixes.

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