When it comes to getting your car inspected, there are a few different things that need to be checked. One of those is the brakes and lights. Does a brake and light inspection take a long time? In this article, we will discuss how long an inspection like this takes, as well as some of the things that are checked during the process. Keep reading for more information!

What exactly are the inspections going to look for?

The inspections can vary by vehicle.Therefore, what follows is a general overview instead of a complete list. If your vehicle is not licensed prior to the Brake and Lamp Inspection, you must get a DMV permit for one day . Otherwise, brake certification cannot be completed.


The Brake System

They check the brakes by measuring and inspecting all brake parts. All brake components must be within specification with no leaks or damage. Also, it’s crucial that the brakes are installed correctly. They then attempt to stop the car within a certain distance after that.

Brake Inspection

  • The condition of the brake pads
  • The thickness of the brake pads
  • The condition of the brake rotors
  • The condition of the brake calipers
  • The condition and level of the brake fluid
  • The condition of the hoses and lines
  • The operation of the emergency brake


The Lighting System

A licensed inspector will examine the lighting system to check that it functions as intended, has bulbs of the proper color, is free of cracks or moisture inside, and that headlight adjusters can move headlights to meet specifications. All lights must also be approved by the Department of Transportation.

Light Inspection

  • After the brakes have been inspected, the lamps on the vehicle are checked. This includes:
  • Headlights (low and high beam)
  • Taillights
  • Brake lights
  • Turn signals (front and back) 

These are just a few of the items that are checked during a brake and lamp inspection. Depending on the condition of the vehicle, there may be other things that need to be checked as well.

How Long Does A Brake Inspection Take?

Most brake and light inspections take only a few minutes. The inspector will check the brakes, lights, and reflectors on your vehicle to make sure they are in working order. If any of these components are not functioning properly, the inspector will let you know so that you can have them repaired or replaced. In most cases, the inspection can be completed while you wait.

However, if your vehicle needs more extensive repairs, it may take longer. In this case, the inspector will give you an estimate of how long the repairs will take so that you can plan accordingly. Brake and light inspections are important to ensure the safety of yourself and other drivers on the road, so it is worth taking the time to get your vehicle inspected if you think there may be an issue.

How long does it take to repair your brakes?

Most people believe that a brake and light inspection takes quite a long time. However, the truth is that it does not take nearly as much time as one may think. In fact, most brake and light inspections can be completed within an hour or so. Of course, this all depends on the severity of the problem.

Because various brake system components are prone to deterioration with time, they will need to be replaced on a regular basis. The procedure usually takes between half an hour and one hour from the hands of a professional mechanic. If there are significant issues with your brakes, expect it to take longer to repair them. However, if there are only minor issues, then the repair process will be much quicker.

Therefore, if you are ever in need of a brake and light inspection, don’t hesitate to bring your car to a trusted mechanic. They will be able to quickly assess the situation and make any necessary repairs in a timely manner. And, before you know it, you’ll be back on the road with peace of mind knowing that your brakes are in good working condition.

How Long Does It Take To Do A Lamp Inspection?

Lamp inspections are an important part of maintaining a safe and functional home. But how long does a lamp inspection take? And what should you expect during an inspection?

Most lamp inspections take between 30 minutes and an hour. During this time, a trained inspector will check the condition of your lamps and identify any potential safety hazards. They will also make sure that your lamps are properly functioning and meet all local safety codes.

After the inspection is complete, you will be given a report detailing the condition of your lamps and any recommended repairs or replacements. If you have any questions about the report, be sure to ask your inspector for clarification.

With regular lamp inspections, you can rest assured that your home is safe and up to code.


To Sum Up

A licensed inspector will give the certificates after a successful inspection. However, much like smog certificates, they need to be used within 90 days or the DMV will not accept them. If this is the case, you would have to do the Brake and Lamp Certification all over again, some offer a discount if you also get a smog check at the same time as your Brake and Lamp Inspection.

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