Are you one of those people who hates auto repair? Do you cringe at the thought of bringing your car in for a check-up, thinking about all the money you’re going to have to spend? Well, maybe it’s time to start thinking about auto repair in a different light. Here are some reasons why you should love auto repair – and why you should start looking at it as an investment, not just an expense.

1) Repairing your own car can save you hundreds of dollars. Basic automotive repair is not hard at all, and many repairs can be made with nothing more than a simple tool kit. Even if you get it wrong the first time, you get to keep the old part! No one gets their money back on that!

2) Auto parts are cheap! A brand new vehicle starts in the model year’s high four-digit range. A major component in that vehicle will only cost in the mid-hundreds for an OEM unit, or in some cases even less when aftermarket or recycled parts are used. Don’t put up with paying top dollar for every piece when there are thousands of perfectly serviceable replacements out there waiting to be had!

3) There is a vast wealth of information available on the internet. Websites like this one and countless others provide all the information you need to make good repairs, and if that isn’t enough try some forums! These guys will be happy to help. Their goal is having people get their old cars running better than ever, and they’ll do whatever they can for you.

4) Auto repair can be fun! Once you get past the initial frustration of getting stuck in certain situations (stuck under a car on jack stands comes to mind), it can be enjoyable to solve new problems with familiar tools. Working on your own vehicle gives you a unique satisfaction of taking care of your own needs instead of paying someone else over and over.

5) The sense of accomplishment when you get your car running again after a repair brings a sparkle to anyone’s eyes! Not all problems can be solved in a few days, and once it’s running better than ever you’ll feel good knowing that YOU did that. You have made something better by working hard and learning new things, and that is an extremely rewarding experience.

6) Auto repair teaches responsibility. No one will fix your car for you! If there’s a problem with it, it’s up to YOU to solve the problem using the knowledge you’ve gained from this article or dozens like them online. It takes some time, but if you work at it diligently then getting stuck on the side of the road won’t be a problem any more.

7) Auto repair is good for the environment! Instead of taking your vehicle to the dealership or some other shop that will dispose of old parts in dumpsters, remove them yourself and take them to a recycling center! It has been reported that at least 30% of all auto-generated waste can be recycled, so make sure you do your part by keeping those pieces out of landfills. Recycling decreases pollution and saves resources – who doesn’t want that?

8) Save money on insurance coverage by solving problems yourself! Repairing maintenance items like faulty brakes, tires with bald patches, worn steering components, etcetera are just as important as checking tire pressure or changing oil filters. These are things that your insurer wants you to look over anyway, so why not do the job correctly? A faulty part on a drivetrain can cause damage to other components, so it’s in your best interest to keep all of these things properly maintained.

9) Auto repair gives you bragging rights! Show off that shiny set of wheels by letting everyone know that YOU were the one who got her running again. It doesn’t matter if it’s just an old midsize car or a big truck – if you saw its potential then let people admire your work. There is nothing more satisfying than getting positive feedback about the thing you love most; even better is showing new people how much they can accomplish with very little money and some elbow grease!

10) Do it RIGHT the first time! One of the best feelings is knowing that you put hours of research and labor into solving a problem, only to see your efforts rewarded with optimal performance. Repairs are easier for professionals because they have learned what does and does not work in certain situations, but when you start out there will be mistakes made along the way. Like I’ve said before – these things happen, but eventually you’ll learn from them and stop making those same errors over and over.

Of course once you’re done with all this then it’s time for some fun – get that new (to you) ride on a road trip or cruise night or autocross event or whatever else tickles your fancy and enjoy every minute of it!

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