What Is A 16 Point Oil Change?

During each oil change, technicians will conduct a 16-point test, including a check-up and check-up of the power steering fluid, the battery fluid, the windshield washer fluid, and the transmission fluid. They also check engine coolant, wiper blades, and tire strength, wash window exteriors, and vacuum inside. For an additional charge, technicians can upgrade to the latest synthetic 0w20, a more environmentally friendly oil widely used in newer Honda, Toyota, and Mazda models, as well as Subarus, Nissan, Mitsubishis, Hyundais, and Kias. Every change in oil takes 30–45 minutes.

Like a human body, cars need to be kept in a safe, tip-top condition to function as they should. A breakdown may also be avoided if the car is properly maintained. This repair involves testing the amount of fluid or adding air to the tyres. How do you know what to look at and when? What does the owner of a car look for while inspecting? Simple. Follow the inspection of 15 points.

  • Change the oil: changing the oil in a car is vital to the health and reliability of the engine. Regularly changing the oil will keep the car running smoothly for a long time,’ not to mention that it will give the car a higher resale value.
  • Change the oil filter: the oil filter in the vehicle should be adjusted every time the oil is changed. Failure to change the oil filter can have long-lasting negative effects on the car. That’s why a new filter should be installed every time.
  • Check the inflation of tires: tire pressure is the secret to high gas mileage, so testing tire inflation is always a positive thing.
  • Check & Fill Battery: The fluid in the car’s battery can evaporate over time, so monitoring the fluid level can help save the car owner from a breakdown.
  • Control & Fill Steering Fluid: This fluid helps to keep steering smooth and quick.
  • Check & Fill Windshield Fluid: No one wants to get stuck with pesky stripes on their glass. 
  • Check & Fill Differential Fluid: The differential in the car helps to transfer the transmission power to the wheels. The fluid helps the car cool down and keeps it running properly.
  • Brake Fluid Level Check: Brake problems are dangerous and expensive. Holding the fluid pumped to the correct degree helps keep the brakes going. It also helps to keep everybody safe in the car.
  • Check Wiper Blades: Streaks and malfunctioning wiper blades will make a difference when it comes to driving home safely on a rainy day. Checking the blades helps to ensure the safety and safety of those in the car.
  • Check and Fill Coolant: Coolant helps prevent the engine from overheating. It also helps to preserve the engine as a whole. Making sure the fuel is at the right level helps keep the engine running smoothly.
  • Check and Fill Transmission Fluid: Transmission Fluid serves as a lubricant for all moving parts of the transmission. Low fluids can cause excessive friction. Unnecessary friction can cause costly problems.
  • Lubricate Chassis: nobody likes a squeaky car. Lubricating chassis helps keep the car joints functioning exactly the way they should be.
  • Check the Air Filter: having a clean air filter can not only benefit the car but can also make it safer for passengers. Clean air filters will prevent people in the car from getting sick. Air filters can help to keep the air cool or hot when needed.
  • Check Breathers: the pipes on the vehicle need to breathe. Often the valves need to be washed to get rid of oil and other build-ups. Mr. Clean Car Wash tests the breathers to make sure that it is working properly.
  • Control of the PCV valve: the PCV valve is critical. Checking to make sure the PCV valve is functioning correctly will help you spot major issues before they arise.

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