What Are The Most Common Auto Repairs?

While most of us couldn’t live without our cars, we could certainly live without the extensive maintenance and repair that comes with them. Unfortunately , the reality is that auto maintenance and repair are inevitable. To help you prepare mentally and financially for the repair needs that may arise in your future, we’re breaking down the most common repair and maintenance issues and filling you in with what kind of tooth they could potentially put in your wallet.

Oil/oil filter change

Changing the oil filter is at the top of the list of the most common vehicle repairs in 2017. The reason is simple: you have to change your oil frequently! According to YourMechanic, the industry leader in automotive maintenance and repair estimates, you should replace the oil and oil filter of your vehicle every 7.500 miles. This ensures that the mechanisms under the hood continue to function smoothly and properly. In addition , changing your car’s oil and oil filter will help keep engine components cool, improve fuel efficiency and improve the durability of your car. Repair / replacement costs may vary based on a number of factors, including make / model / year, location, repair shop, etc. The average cost of repair is usually at $27 to $63.

Spark Plug replacement

Spark plugs are a small part that can cause a lot of problems. It’s their job to ignite the fuel in your engine, to help it get started. The plugs themselves are cheap, and you can replace them on your own, if you know how. However, if it’s installed incorrectly (or if you just don’t get it replaced in time), it can cause damage to your car, so you’re going to want a pro to take care of it.

Wiper blades replacement

Mechanics’ consensus on wiper blades is that they should be replaced every six months for safety reasons. What happens in the course of a year is that — due to snow, ice, rain, and even sun — the rubber compound that makes the blade cracks and breaks, causing impaired visibility in the windshield, with more and more wipers being used. Replacing the blades allows for a cleaner and more comprehensive “wipe” of debris, rain and snow when driving, promoting improved visibility of the windshield and therefore safety. The average cost of repair is usually at $20 to $53.Repair / replacement costs may vary based on a number of factors, including make / model / year, location, repair shop, etc.

Oxygen Sensor replacement

Oxygen sensors measure the concentration of oxygen in the exhaust in order to optimize engine performance and emissions. It’s actually something you can fix yourself sometimes, but many manufacturers now have special covers over it, which means you need a mechanic to get to it. This kind of trouble can be very common in older car models. The oxygen sensor is a vital component of your car exhaust system. It detects uncombusted oxygen in your exhaust system. This broken piece can ruin your car’s efficiency. It can also have trouble with idling, causing your car to suck and shake at a steady throttle. All in all, this is bad for your fuel consumption.

Air filter replacement

Replacing your car’s air filter is another mandatory part of promoting vehicle health and durability. The purpose of the air filter is to clean outdoor air before it enters the engine and ignites with the fuel to cause combustion. Over time, dust , dirt, debris, and sometimes even bugs can soak in the air filter, clogging it. When this happens, your engine will no longer be able to pump enough air to burn the air-fuel mixture and create the required combustion to make your vehicle run. To avoid such a situation, Mechanics recommends changing the air filter every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. The average repair cost is usually at. $35 to $85.

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