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We can perform smog test and repair for all non-STAR smogs, generally vehicles year 2000 and newer.
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Why Choose autoTECH Blackhawk

We believe that choosing a mechanic is about more than finding the fastest, cheapest oil change. We believe it’s about finding an expert partner to keep your family safe and on the move with cars that meet your needs. Whether that’s keeping an old clunker in ‘good enough’ condition, keeping your favorite car ‘like new,’ customizing and styling your vehicle so it’s different than every other one on the road, or even providing training so you understand your car better, we know that every customer needs something different from their cars and we love partnering with you to figure out what works best for you.

Complete Automotive Repair & Tire

We offer all maintenance, minor and major repairs for all makes and models. From alternators to tires, suspension to electrical diagnostic, we do it all. We offer an industry-leading 3-year / 36,000-mile warranty.

Maintenance Packages & Diamond Club

Pay a small monthly fee and all of your oil changes and fluid top-offs are free. Receive a 5% discount on the labor for all other work performed at our shop.

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Styling & Customizations

From a rugged outdoor look to a luxury vibe, we can help you design and build your dream car.


We offer a range of learning options – speaking at community centers, hosting classes on-site to learn the basics, individual lessons to help you understand your car.

Call us at (925) 736-3100 to learn more

Years of Automotive Experience

Happy Customers

Services Offered

Happy Customers

!”When my wife arrived to work this morning she realized she had a flat tire. After looking for a place close by I found AutoTECH. I called and they were very friendly on the phone and told me to have her drop the car off. She works just a block down the street so she left the car there and they not only fixed the tire fairly quickly but they drove the car back and dropped it off at her work for her so she didn’t have to come back later. Awesome customer service and will not hesitate to do business with them again in the future!! Thank you AutoTECH!”

Ryan D., Hayward, CA

A true service leader!
 We got a flat last Saturday morning right before heading out for the long weekend. The closest option was autoTech. We drove by but the shop marked open only M-F. But Kacey, I believe is the owner or main tech opened up the garage door for us. Even when it was determined unfixable he changed the spare on for us and secure the broken on in the trunk. The whole process was extreme quick and professional. Thank you Kacey!

Bin Z., Alameda, CA


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What is autoTECH Blackhawk’s story?

Kacey Copeland and Catherine Norbeck (the Copebecks) bought autoTECH Blackhawk in 2018. Kacey has been in (and in love with) the automotive industry for 30 years. Catherine has been in love with Kacey (and, by extension, the automotive industry) for 12 years. At autoTECH Blackhawk, we believe that finding a great mechanic is really about finding a person you can trust. For us, it’s personal.

How did Kacey get into the automotive industry?

When I was eight years old, I would wake up Saturday mornings and beg my dad to go to work with him at our family service station. I’d bound up to cars on my rollerblades and wash the windshield, check the oil, fill the gas, and check the pressure in the tires. I painted curbs, mowed the lawn, and sold my first set of tires at age 11. I loved being there – greeting repeat customers, listening to the technicians laugh and watching my dad help customers understand their cars.

At 18, I got serious about my automotive career. I moved to Phoenix, got a degree in Automotive Repair, received Ford Factory training and worked at a Dodge and Hyundai dealership. I was determined to learn as much as I could. If I didn’t have a car in my bay to work on, I watched the most expert techs work. I learned chassis and steering and suspension work, exotic car repair and efficient ways to do repairs.

I moved back to Colorado and worked with my dad until 2012 when my wife and I moved to California. We began running autoTECH Blackhawk in 2018. We are AAA, ASE, BBB and Diamond certified.

Most days, I still feel like my 8-year-old self – eager to greet repeat customers, thrilled to hear the technicians laughing and working in the bays and honored to help customers understand their cars better.

Why do we believe finding a mechanic is really about finding a partner?

Almost 20 years ago, just before Catherine started driving, her dad (Carl) began his search for a local automotive repair shop he could trust. He needed to find a shop with integrity where Catherine could take her car and get thorough, quality repair. Here was his test: he visited 7 different shops, left a seemingly random amount of change in the passenger seat and asked for an oil change (knowing that the 1988 red Subaru also desperately needed the timing belt replaced). One shop stood out – Holiday Auto Care. Within four hours of dropping off the car, Carl received a call from Kacey, the shop foreman, to let him know that 1) the oil change was all done and 2) he needed to budget for a timing belt replacement soon so he didn’t have a problem. Later that day, Carl picked up his car and discovered an additional 8 cents in the passenger seat. Over the years, Carl built a great friendship with Mark, the owner, and his son Kacey. When Catherine was preparing to take a car cross-country to go to college, Carl set up an appointment with the shop foreman so Catherine could learn how to change a flat tire. Kacey came around the corner and she was smitten! Nearly 10 years later, Kacey and Catherine got married on the anniversary of their first date.

So, for Catherine, finding a ‘great mechanic’ really is about building a lifelong partnership. Their story defines how they think about the shop. At autoTECH Blackhawk, we know that integrity matters and trust comes first. We are a relationship shop. The more of your repair needs we help you with, the better able we are make sure your cars meet your needs. We know your cars are an essential part of your lives and we are honored to be your partner in making sure that your cars are safe, reliable and meeting your needs. Read more about Kacey and Catherine’s tiny house: Copebeck Tiny House.


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