How Do I Know If My Brakes Are Dangerously Worn?

Brake servicing is one of those routine maintenance tasks that you simply cannot avoid. Brake parts have a limited lifespan and must be serviced and replaced on a regular basis in order to function properly.

Fortunately, your car or truck usually gives you clear indications that your brakes need to be replaced. Sometimes they are innocuous noises that do not necessitate repairs or have simple fixes. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Your brakes are one of your vehicle’s most important safety features. So, if you notice any of the following common brake warning signs, it’s time to have a professional inspect your car, truck, or SUV right away. You’ll drive safer and avoid more costly damage.

  • Brake Light On

When one of your dashboard’s red or yellow brake indicators illuminates, it could mean you’re due for an inspection. It could also be the smart electronics in your vehicle alerting you to a problem.

  • Squealing, Squeaking or Grinding Noises

If you notice a high-pitched noise that stops when you apply the brakes, this is most likely the sound of the brake pad wear indicators. Because they are made of steel, they make this sound when they come into contact with the rotor.

They are informing you that your brake pads are worn out and must be replaced before you suffer rotor damage, which can be costly to repair.

Grinding in the pedal could indicate a variety of issues. It’s possible that some gravel or rock has gotten stuck inside your caliper, which is an easy fix- just remove it!

  • Wobbling, Vibration or Scraping When Braking

Shaking in the steering wheel or vibration when you apply the brakes may be a result of an uneven rotor.

Shakey wheels and vibrations on your brake pedal can indicate something is not right with one of your rotors, which are discs that sit inside each tire to slow it down from all those miles driving around town. Rotors typically get slightly unbalanced over time (or have rust spots) so they need to periodically go back for servicing where mechanics will true them out again- ensuring some smooth braking!

  • Fluid Leakage

If you have difficulty applying the brakes, it may be due to a leak in your brake system. If this happens, get into an auto repair shop for inspection right away so they can make sure that there is enough fluid and apply any necessary repairs or replacements as soon as possible!

Leaking fluids from the master cylinder are one of many reasons why drivers experience reduced braking ability; if left unchecked these leaks could result in car accidents costing lives or serious injuries.

  • Soft or Spongy Brake Pedal

If you’ve noticed a difference in the resistance of your brake pedal, it could be due to air or moisture in the braking system. This can cause very serious damage if not addressed immediately and should always result with a visit to car service professionals for an inspection. The output will vary depending on whether you have automatic brakes or manual brakes but this information is crucial when considering going out into traffic without knowing that there might be something wrong!

 you’re having issues like this–and suspecting some kind of mechanical issue–you should have them checked out ASAP before things get worse!

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