Allied Auto Stores-San Ramon is a distributor of aftermarket parts for the automotive industry. Their reputation for finding hard parts, maintaining a large inventory, exceptional customer service and fast delivery helped them grow into one of the largest distributors in the area.

They keep their work to a higher standard, and they are going to make sure you get the best available parts and service. They use the latest technology to assess the situation and to offer you alternatives. They guarantee all of their work and know that you are going to be happy with the outcome.

Great products, excellent quality and excellent prices-that ‘s what you can expect from Allied Auto Store. You can purchase all your car care products, maintenance supplies, and auto parts. Their services and in-store offerings-which are designed to keep your vehicles and motorized machines in good working condition-include:

  • ASE Automobile Parts Specialists
  • Auto Advice
  • Help Finding Parts
  • Locate Hard-to-Find Parts
  • Manufacturer Information
  • Parts Identification and Cross References
  • Price Check
  • Quick Availability
  • Repair & Replacement From the Factory
  • Special Orders Available
  • Specialty Tools and Equipment
  • Vehicle and Component Specifications

Did you know that by having the right booth filters and supplies, you could increase your paint savings? You can also spray your car with the right equipment without a strong smell of paint or overspray. If you need a safe, effective and efficient painting service, you need to invest in booth filters and supplies. They have a comprehensive line of booth filters and supplies at Allied Auto Stores. Some of the paint booth supplies they offer include paint booth extraction bags, paint pockets, exhaust pads & panels, paint stopper pads, ceiling filters, paint stopper media and rolls, intake pads & panels, FRI panels & media rolls, and pre-filters & bag filters.

If your car doesn’t start, it could be a dead battery. The auto part professionals at Allied Auto Stores can test your battery and, if necessary, install a new one. If you need professional equipment and supplies to refurbish your vehicle, go to Allied Auto Stores and talk to their auto part experts. They’ll help you find the items you need-they’re offering quality parts at fair prices.

Hoses and pipes manufactured for specific purposes are not interchangeable. Although two black rubber hoses may have the same size and appearance, they have different purposes and specifications. Replacing a similar-looking hose without ensuring that it meets the required specifications effectively ensures system problems and possibly even engine damage. Count on the auto parts professionals at Allied Auto Stores to help you find the correct replacement part.

This amazing auto parts store is located near the following auto parts shops near Blackhawk, California:

  • O’ Reilly Auto Parts (San Ramon)
  • Monument Car Parts (San Ramon)
  • Costco Tire Center (Danville)
  • AutoZone Auto Parts (Pleasanton)
  • O’Reilly Auto Parts (Dublin)
  • Carquest Auto Parts (Walnut Creek)
  • AutoZone Auto Parts (Livermore)

All of these wonderful auto parts stores are located just a short distance from our location at 3600 Camino Tassajara! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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