3 Questions To Ask Before Getting Brakes Service

Whether you’re in for a routine checkup or specific brake repair work, you should never be afraid to ask your mechanic questions about the job. When it comes to brakes, education is essential because they must be kept in the best possible condition for the safety of you and everyone else on the road.

Here are 3 Brake-Related Questions to Ask Your Mechanic:

  • What Does A Full Brake Inspection Entail? 

It is critical to become acquainted with all aspects of your vehicle, particularly the brakes. Even if you’re just going to the auto shop for a routine maintenance check on your brakes, you’ll want to know what the procedure entails. Inquire with your mechanic about the components that will be inspected, and ensure that all components, from the lining to the hardware and master cylinder, are covered. If any of these components is damaged, brake repair or replacement must be performed as soon as possible.

  • How Long Do Brake Components Usually Last?

Brake pads and rotors will inevitably wear down due to normal use, but how long they last will also be determined by your driving style and location. Frequent stop-and-go traffic will wear down brake friction material, and vehicle load will also play a role. With these considerations in mind, inquire about the expected lifespan of these components when having your brakes serviced.

  • What Warning Signs Should I Watch Out For?

Most importantly, you want to avoid having to deal with more serious auto repair issues in the future. That is why you should inquire about specific warning signs, such as the causes of creaking, squealing, and grinding noises in brakes, as well as related performance issues. Proper maintenance is all about catching these and other problems as early as possible, saving you a lot of money.


What is included in a brake service?

  • Brake inspection and pad replacement if needed (typically every 15,000 miles)
  • Rotor resurfacing or replacing as necessary depending on the condition of rotors. It may also include turning the rotors to remove any grooves caused by worn pads and improve braking performance.
  • Wheel alignment is performed in some cases for better vehicle handling that comes from wheels being parallel with one another; this is different from a wheel balancing which checks individual weights on each wheel to ensure they are all spinning at the same rate.

As long as your brakes aren’t jammed, squeaking loudly when you apply them or grinding in high speed situations, then it might be time for an inspection only rather than brake service.

How much does it cost to have your brakes serviced?

When calculating the cost of a brake job, several factors come into play. In general, the cost is determined by:

  • The type of vehicle you drive
  • The amount of wear and tear that has occurred (pads alone is significantly cheaper than getting rotors)
  • The type of brake pads installed on the vehicle
  • The manner in which you drive and load the vehicle
  • Because of all the variables, there is no simple answer, but the standard costs of a brake job could range from $160.00 to $800.00+ depending on the scope of work.

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